Right, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to organise a conference in Europe for people working on ethical alternatives to surveillance capitalism that isn’t sponsored by surveillance capitalism. For people who aren’t afraid to pick a side.

Because I’ve had it with this bullshit and we need non-bullshit alternatives.

Watch this space.

@aral It would be cool if you do it at the heart of capital aka frankfurt 🏦 💶 Then it would be interesting to see if #faz covers the conference. 😉

@pavi We have a place in mind but continental Europe isn’t too large. Is a major hub so should be easy for folks to get to ;) More details once I have things locked down.

@aral Great to hear that. Maybe we can get FSF Europe @fsfe #fsfe to support the conference.


@pavi @fsfe We’ll see. First step is to lock down the logistics. Will make a proper announcement after I’ve had a few conversations this week.

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