Next time someone tells you they’re a “privacy professional” ask “what kind?”

“Do you get paid to help protect my privacy or to erode it?”

They’ll say “to protect it.”

Then ask them “who pays you? And how do they make their money?” And you’ll get your real answer.

@wakingrufus Yep. I know. But it’s accurate. They get paid to work in privacy. They’re professionals. It doesn’t necessarily mean they give two hoots about protecting it. In fact, think about who has the money today and can afford to employ them.

@aral @wakingrufus I use “privacy consultant” but I don’t work for big companies. I consult for individuals and small businesses to keep themselves safe.

Which is why I follow Aral. Learn a lot from him and I always recommend @better because it’s on all my devices, too!

@aral Follow the money. Back to basics, I like it.

@aab Exactly. Was going to hashtag it that but ran out of characters :)

@aral #FollowTheMoney :)

And that should be just a starting point. #SurveillanceCapitalists should be held accountable for their actions...

Heard that about lawyers, they work for, hmm, their clients

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