Google’s also peddling a data collector through Apple’s back door

Almost as if… they’re both surveillance capitalists acting exactly as you would expect surveillance capitalists to act.

Via @laura

@aral Google pays Apple something like $9B a year, so I suspect that even if Apple knew about this, they just looked the other way. If they make Google stop now, it'll probably be only because it's being revealed on the heels of the Facetime vulnerability.

This raises the more concerning issue of the use of these kinds of applications (and even apps like GMail) to collect information about people aside from the person choosing to use the app.


@aral We need to shift the conversation so that it's no longer people choosing to expose just their own information, but information about everyone they interact with as well. It needs to stop being socially acceptable to let others spy on you.

@freakazoid @aral

When people email me from their gmail account, I ask them to email me from a different provider because I don't want Google having access to our correspondence. Bad enough the NSA and GCHQ do that shit.

@aral @freakazoid I'm going to have to put a FAQ on my website. Question 1: "Why don't you trust Google+?"

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