So @laura has recovered after complications from the flu and we have our first @better blocking rules update for 2019.

(Rather uniquely, we curate our own block rules based on the principles of the Ethical Design Manifesto, which is not an easy undertaking for a two-person not-for-profit, especially as sites have started to bundle their functionality with their trackers via CDNs, etc. To any developers enabling this, ask yourselves, “are we the baddies?”)

@aral @better @laura I wonder why your tool is only available for Apple devices (proprietary hard and software)? 🤔

@jlelse @better @laura Because it’s not. It’s AGPLv3 and the blocking rules are released under Creative Commons ShareAlike and we output an EasyList version that you can load into uBlock Origin on any platform that uBlock Origin runs on (e.g.,

Now, if the question is why we sell it on Apple’s App Store, it’s because we need to eat and need a roof over our heads and we’d rather not work for a surveillance capitalist.

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