@taoeffect Not sure how you have the patience to keep doing it but thank you for being the pain in the neck the world needs :) (Just read through – wow.)


@aral lol thank you Aral, it's comments like yours that make it worth it. :)

@aral Well, that and also a sense of self-preservation-not-wanting-to-see-the-world-crumble-around-me :)

@taoeffect If only people got that, Greg, we’d be fine. If they just understood it wasn’t philanthropy. Just what you’d do if you had a fucking ounce of enlightened self interest.

@aral Well, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that everyone, myself included, owes you a debt of gratitude, for a myriad of things, but especially for coining that brilliant phrase, "surveillance capitalism". :)

@taoeffect Thanks but I didn’t coin the term, it was Shoshana Zuboff, I simply have an inability to stop going on about it ;)

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