@jonne @gdroid Exactly. It’s up to the instance owners to decide whether they respect your stated wishes or not.

If messages were end-to-end encrypted, we could talk about privacy.

The last thing I’m sure any of us would want is for someone to read “Mastodon = privacy and security” and to send a DM thinking it was private and secure when it wasn’t. Especially if the consequences of that action might be dire for them (eg., prosecuted minority, activist, etc.)

@aral @jonne @gdroid The way I proposed when Mastodon was first starting was to have profile fields for private messaging options, such as XMPP address and GPG public key. I did some preliminary implementation of that with PostActiv. But the idea never really caught on.

I think it's better to use apps specialized for e2ee for private chat, and to assume that everything on the fediverse is public.

@jonne @aral

Yes right. What I wanted to say by 'Privacy and security is equal to Mastodon' was: It is as private and secure as Mastodon. Or to say it in a different way: The G-Droid app has no additional features in these regards and uses the existing federated network. G-Droid does not have control over logins, accounts, toots, creation, deletion, etc. ✌️😁

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