Today I learned that I have the most popular site on the Internet. site, that is. Out of ten in existence (in the top 2.4 million domains). 🤓 (According to the same researcher, apparently there are a few more IPFS sites – 28, to be exact.)



Screenshotted so I can frame it as it’s not going to stay that way for long ;)

PS. In case you were wondering just how young/early/small the peer web is right now :)

@christian Haha, thanks :P

Now we need plenty more fish in the sea ;) Hopefully Hypha will help with that.

@aral Forgive me for asking, but so far I haven't really understood. What exactly is the goal of Hypha? Would you like to explain that to me?


@christian It’s just experiments evolving into something. Something where you will be able to communicate both privately and publicly without third parties. It should start taking more shape soon. But I’m taking my time with it. Nothing more grandiose than that right now. I hope it can replace the web for me in the future.

@christian A 4:30 rise meant that I wrote a lengthy piece that covers some of what you asked for. Will publish it today. Watch this space :)

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