@aral What's your stance on reused hardware etc? I.e. when and where - if ever - do the benefits outweight the costs on Android vs. Apple?

I.e. repurposing Android phones by installing Google-free FLOSS vs. being unable to reuse Apple stuff at all, causing environmental hazards?

Do we support surveillance capitalism with environmentalism, or should we support Apple-like capitalism by wasting resources?

I'm asking in a constructive manner so please interpret it like that .)

@mmn Sure, it’s a good short-term strategy. Where it would become problematic is if the organisations doing it started seeing it as the end goal instead of as a bridge to their own free/open hardware and thus their survival was linked to the survival of surveillance capitalists.

@aral Aye, but the risks of being 100% unable to run !FS on the platform (i.e. Apple) must surely be a worse strategic approach?

Of course I mean repurposing used hardware and not purchasing new Google-financing dung.
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