The FOSS world must understand “just install Linux” won’t cut it. We must make “the whole widget” as Jobs would say.

But don’t listen to me, let Stallman make the case:

Richard: I’ve never installed the GNU plus Linux system on a computer myself.

Me: Really?

Richard: I always found someone who knew how to do that. Got someone to do it for me.

Me: So it was so difficult that you have not installed…

Richard: No, it's just that I was so busy, I didn’t wanna learn how.

I agree that more can be done in making these things accessible, but most Linux distributions aimed at average users has no learning curve for installing it.

Especially not for someone like RMS. Insert USB drive, boot, follow the prompts. I don't care how busy you are, that's only 2 short steps more than a new windows or mac PC.

@jeffalyanak @aral There is always a laptop-specific (I think) key you need to press in order to run the installer. And most don't want to go through it anyways. It's always best to have it preinstalled.

That said System76 and elementary have been working on some interesting improvements to these installers.

That's fair, that can be an extra instruction they need to be given.

I just don't think that the installers are the problem. People just don't see a reason to use Linux. It won't matter how accessible it is until people *want* it.


@jeffalyanak @alcinnz People don’t want iOS, macOS, or Windows. People want to share their photos with their friends, chat to their loved ones, maybe write up a paper or play a game. No one ever wakes up saying “I want that operating system.”

I 100% agree. That's the whole problem, though. How can you convince them to move away from their familiar platform when they can already do all of the things they want to do?

There's a really strong inertia for most people, changing their OS means finding new software, adapting to a new UI and new terminology and a whole slew of other things.

How would you #PitchTheSwitch to Linux to an average person?

What works in my experience is they asking me how to speed up their very slow laptop, me trying a live debian that goes so fast they don't believe it, they beg me to install that damn thing because they usually have to wait 3 minutes for the browser to open and 1 hour for the updates when they shut down.

@aral @alcinnz

@arteteco @jeffalyanak @aral @alcinnz

This is not necessarily a stable approach (geeky pun intended).

Linux is growing slower and slower...

Oh, it was really meant to be a personal experience more than an approach advise.

I have the feeling that FOSS software, linux included, is getting more and more mature by the day actually... to the point that when I install it on people's machines they barely notice anything, beside the increased performance (and occasionally some game not working).

Just my perception though

@jeffalyanak @aral @alcinnz

@aral @jeffalyanak @alcinnz I don't know about that, most mac owners I know are totally in love with the macyness of their mac.

@aral @jeffalyanak @alcinnz IT is now so ubiquitous exactly because people don't have to wake up to such questions anymore. The problem is that everything surrounding them is built as invisible surveillance infrastructure, and all the former safeguards (like regulation on the old telecomms) have been lost.
On a completely different level, we're also losing a lot of decentralized infrastructure in the form of small, local service providers, since no one develops to enable those anymore, either.

@aral @jeffalyanak @alcinnz ...and some sections of our governments are currently in collusion with the data collectors, since they want to have a go at all that information too.

Most people don't even wakeup saying "I want a fair economy" or "I want a welcoming society" or "I want Peace"...

They have real stuff to do.

Haven't them?


This is a very bad argument about technology, @aral: it says much more about (lack of) #education and cultural #hegemony.

People will keep wanting what they are trained to want.

And if you give people what they want, they will never realize that they are... minions.

Hacking kids are our sole hope.

@galaxis @jeffalyanak @alcinnz

@Shamar @galaxis @jeffalyanak @alcinnz We have many hopes, let’s not limit our options unnecessarily.

@aral @galaxis @jeffalyanak @alcinnz

You are a good diplomatic. ;-)

My point is that surrogates are fundamental to capitalism justification. By giving people what they want, we will never free anyone: we could build a business, though!

Which is the entire point of #Capitalism: embrace, capitalize and extinguish any will.

So, don't cut promising options but don't feed the beast either.

#Focus, in a war of #knowledge, is good.

@aral @jeffalyanak @alcinnz

I guess that means I'm not a people. I often think about the operating system I would like to have - and why.

@jankoekepan @aral @jeffalyanak @alcinnz confirmed. I am not a people, either.

At least not where tech is concerned.

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