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https-server is a simple Node.js-based local development server with locally-trusted TLS certificates. Use it, for example, to test service workers, etc.

Experience on Linux (tested only with apt—see help wanted section in readme):

1. npm i -g
2. https-server my-static-site

This does everything necessary to start up your server, including installing all dependencies, creating the CA, locally-trusted certs, etc.

(I’m going to be working on making the Mac version as seamless next – it currently requires you to install a mkcert dependency manually using either Homebrew or MacPorts. I’ve documented that extra step in the readme.)

Just released version 1.0.1 with the amazing new feature of actually serving the directory you asked for instead of the hardcoded one 🤦‍♂️

You can also manually specify a port now (also added info on how to bind to port 443 on your dev machine. I will automate this soon.)


@aral Oh, good. Nobody else can release software without bugs, either.

@rick_777 Hehe, indeed. But I’m really forcing myself to get those 1.0.0s out there because otherwise you never get to 1.0.1 and further :)

There was this joke about WINE that after version 0.99 they would jump to 0.100 instead of 1.00 😁

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