The first ZX Spectrum prototype. This is what stuff looks like while being developed. Don’t forget that or fear it. It’s easy to forget in an age when we only ever see the shiny façades of technology – whether that’s hardware or software. No one gets it right from the start, it’s always messy, always iterative and you never have all the answers and, heck, half the challenge is figuring out whether you’re even asking the right questions to begin with.

@aral And they still managed to ship it with so little memory it couldn't hold a BASIC program and a full screen display.

@mdhughes The key point being they shipped it and it was a beginning ;)

Approximate quote:

— wait, #hardware has bugs‽
— your pure innocent souls…

@aral Can't wait for a combination of RISC-V and USB4...

@aral my stuff almost never seem to leave this stage :blobmelt:

Technology guts that look almost organic...

That's a huge part of the #cyberpunk aesthetic, and I love it. :blobhearteyes:

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