You’re not going to solve the human rights problems inherent in mainstream “consumer” technology by making and selling enterprise technology. Tools designed and optimised for the needs of businesses are not also, magically, tuned to the needs of individuals.

Small Tech, built for the needs of individuals, won’t be funded by venture capital or by enterprises. It must be funded by individuals and from the commons for the common good.

and what better way to fund something that's meant to serve the community than cooperative ownership? One head, one vote. Shared goals. Common funding. Cooperation between projects

Am I dreaming?

@Antanicus @aral This is true for tech for small businesses vs corporations as well.
Point is: the commons have to be built too.

@Antanicus socialism's the only solution, as it always has been. the problem is capitalism.

@aral How about convincing people that they should move from enterprise-provided big tech to small tech? How do you think we could do that?

I've been thinking about this. It's a pretty complicated question. Honestly, maybe we should start by defining the problem? That might be a significant enough task all on its own, for now. :/

So, we need tech that serves the users needs, right? And in order to get that, it needs to be built for the user, the more specific the better, though likely with diminishing returns. And it needs to be built to help them, not take advantage of them. What do we need in order to do all that? We need someone to be adequately paid to do it, obviously. And we need accountability to make them deliver a good product, and communication such that they /can/ deliver a good product...

And we need to maintain the balance of power so that none of these factors are disrupted... Anything else? Or do you disagree with my analysis? :/

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