Indie Web Server

If you want to run your own personal web server, this is as easy as it gets.

- Zero-configuration

- Seamless TLS for development and production (without certificate warnings + A grade on SSL Labs in production).

- Command-line: use it to serve your static web site

- API: build your own dynamic web app on it in Node.js using Express, etc.


I’m very excited about this – it’s one of the first pieces of the bridge we’re building towards the peer web (it’s on the current web leg of the bridge – that’s where are now.)

Democratising the ability to develop/deploy personal sites is an important step. This is the first of a number of more specialised modules I’m considering releasing as I build the scaffolding of . Hypha also will/does use Indie Web Server for its untrusted node (

@aral cant wait to try this out this week. You are doing some awesome work. 👍😊


This is awesome!

So, running locally in Pop OS.

After turning my local Nginx off, running the `web-server` command from within the directory works like a dream! Literally had to do zero config. Thank you.

Initially having Nginx on gave errors, but I assume that's to do with ports being used by it.

Only other issue for me was running the `web-server _site_ --global` command gave me the attached error stack.

Hopefully this helps. 🙂


@david Hey, thanks for the report. Looks like you have a web server running on port 80 already (the global option uses it for the Let’s Encrypt HTTP-01 challenge). That said, they error could be far better handled; I’ll open an issue for it.

Also still testing/working on the global feature :)

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