Your code has consequences, people. Stop putting your own needs before the needs of the people who use the tools you make.

Also, this might be the first time Lily Allen has been quoted in code. Maybe. Probably not.

Transcript follows as it will not fit in the alt text of the image:

module.exports.testEmail = function (email) {

/* Email addresses are not compulsory in Let’s Encrypt. However, Greenlock.js, the library that ACME TLS was forked from, decided to make them required (because surveillance capitalism). That decision also permeated into the other modules (like storage) which use the email address as an identifier.

Instead of gutting the whole damn thing, what we’re doing is overloading the email…

…property to use as an identifier. If it’s an actual email address, things work as before. If, however, it holds the hostname of the current machine, then we use it as a local identifier so the modules in Greenlock think they have an email address but when it comes time to make the ACME calls to Let’s Encrypt, we have our fork of the acme-v2 module discard the email address.

All this malarkey because… ok, screw it… I’m done bitching – just stop doing crap like this folks.


In the timeless words of Lily Allen, “You're not big, you're not clever.” */

if (email === os.hostname()) {
return Promise.resolve('')

@aral I'd have added "Fuck you very very much" Maybe not too professional though I guess? 😬

@david I don’t view “professional” as a positive term.

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