Introducing Indie Web Server (video)

I just recorded a short video demonstrating just how simple and seamless Indie Web Server really is.

Running a secure development web server is one command. Running a secure production web server is… umm… still one command.

Enjoy! 🤓

@aral do you have a write-up on the other missing pieces toward making an easier decentralized web? Would love to read. Thanks so much for the video!

@K_REY_C I have a sort-of overview of at least what I’m working on here:

(And you’re very welcome; it was a lot of fun to set up and hopefully the next ones will be better. You always learn an inordinate amount with the first.) :)

@aral This is a great read. I'm still going through, but can you help me better understand this point: "On the Peer Web, if your always on node works without JavaScript, it is centralised (and thus broken)." Are you saying that the unprivileged node requires javascript to function?

@K_REY_C Thanks.

That comment was for regular web nodes (i.e., browser nodes). If a web app works without JavaScript, it means that the functionality (I hate the term, but “business logic”) lives on a server somewhere. So that server is no long unprivileged. Peer Web apps run entirely within the browser and thus they require JavaScript. I should probably have stated it like that :)

@aral very helpful. I'm ideologically in, just working out the technological part. Exciting stuff. Thanks for your work here.

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