What does it say about the utter impotence of our mainstream democratic institutions that the demographic leading the charge to save our own habitat from destruction is one that doesn’t even have representation? Democracy isn’t a vote, it’s a struggle. It’s giving a damn.

Then again, is it surprising? Kids have nothing to lose. You haven’t managed to shackle them yet with your student loans, your rat races, your myths about professionalism; your manufactured fears and anxieties about managing to subsist in your inequitable societies.

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Are you surprised that they are immune to your bullshit? That they are afraid of and anxious about what is truly worthy of fear and anxiety instead of what you need them to fear so you can perpetuate your corrupt and reeking power hierarchies?

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Children are our future not because one day they will grow up but precisely because they aren’t grown ups. Precisely because you haven’t yet had a chance to indoctrinate them with your bullshit and break their spirits. Our future depends on them not becoming “grown ups” like us.


@aral IMO the future depends on them voting, and realising the power they could have. That's one of the biggest struggles. There's currently a correlation between age and likelihood to vote that skews the whole of politics in favour of older voters.


@rosjackson Indeed, within our current, corrupt, centralised, hierarchical political structures, the vote is hugely important. What percentage of your agency on issues filters through that is debatable and changeable depending on the specifics of the country/supranational entity we’re considering. But let’s also start planning for and building infrastructure to enable non-hierarchical politics to decentralise power and increase individual agency in the political process.

@aral one of my favourite teachers told me something that stuck to me: since they haven't internalized that much prejudice, kids are remarkably good at what we call critical thinking, except it's not critical for them, it's just thinking. It's unfortunate that they're usually pretty silly, so we often go like awww, that's so cute, instead of huh, that kid is kindda right...

@aral I am fascinated by the ideas behind Democratic Schools (the Sudbury model), which is so elegantly described in the book "Free to Learn" by psychology professor Peter Grey. I have feeling you would like it 🙂 freetolearnbook.com/

@aral If you want to get a taste of the concept before reading the book; here is a 15 minute TEDx-version you can check out next time you feel like procrastinating: hooktube.com/watch?v=E6wlTtQBl

Bonus lecture containing a slightly more academic angle on the topic: hooktube.com/watch?v=kKg6aCFXn

(Hooktube is, if you do not already know, a way to watch YT-movies without tracking).

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