Apple is a hypocrite on data privacy – The Atlantic

“There’s nothing requiring Apple to distribute apps from data-hungry companies such as Google and Facebook at all.”


Apple is a stopgap, nothing more, nothing less, right now.

We must fund and build small tech made by people for people, not by corporations for profit.

@aral Assuming people only use Apple's apps and not install Facebook, Messenger, Google Maps etc. on it as soon as they turn on their brand new iPhone.

People concerned about unethical tech: "We don't want to use devices made by #DataFarming corporations like goOgle that farm our data and violate our privacy, let's all use #iThings!"


Apple routinely:
*Bans GPL apps from iThings:
* Silently censors email:
*Violates privacy:
... and so, so much more:

I agree with @aral , we need a freed market of non-corporate hardware vendors.

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