Should not be adding any more slides to this talk but I just made an exception to mention @FuckOffGoogle – a great example of what I’m calling “social regulation” (contrast with legislative regulation and technological regulation) of surveillance capitalists.

We start winning this war when they start becoming socially unacceptable. So it was with Big Tobacco, so it shall be with Big Data and Big Tech.

So do tell them to “fuck off” whenever you get the chance – time for being polite is over.

@aral @FuckOffGoogle I think it will require an erosion of trust (already happening) and practical alternatives, especially for phones. Right now for non-techies it's difficult to buy a phone which doesn't tie you into the Google services, unless you have money to spend on an iphone.

@bob @aral @FuckOffGoogle

Hopefully there's some sort of anti-monopoly case in the future where Android users are given non-Google options for services (sort of like when Microsoft was forced to offer a choice of browsers).

@switchingsocial @aral @FuckOffGoogle It would be different from the Microsoft case in that Google only makes money when you supply them with data, whereas Microsoft sold their operating system. Google would argue that unless their services are always the default choices there is no business case for Android.

@bob @aral @FuckOffGoogle

If their business depends on monopolistic behaviour, it's not a legitimate business. It would (or at least should) be risky for them to make an argument like that to an anti-monopoly body.

@switchingsocial Similarly my Android phone sports Facebook app managers and installers that I can neither disable or remove. It's frustrating. Suppliers should disclose these lock-ins so we can choose whether or not to commit ourselves to a purchase.


Makes you wonder if it's even legal under GDPR, if they're not asking for consent to this and the apps are phoning home.

One specific goal for campaigners could be to make it illegal to sell phones without letting people easily strip out the google/facecbook/etc components.

There is one now right? Iirc google has announced they will offer browser and search choice, but who nows how
@bob @aral @FuckOffGoogle

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