World’s #1 surveillance capitalist is platinum sponsor of Debian Conference

In case you were wondering if “open source” gives a rat’s ass about your privacy, the answer is a platinum no.


HT @schestowitz

What operating system are you using already?

@aral yeah that's sad, it's like the lord sith being the platinum sponsor of this year's jedi mind training retreat 😞

@aral It's unlikely that problems like surveillance capitalism are going to be discussed or taken seriously at conferences where Google is the main sponsor.

@aral @schestowitz

I think I'd phrase that the other way round: Google don't mind if Debian is under their influence. People attacking the Debian people (who are famously not necessarily.of one mind) for this is precisely the mechanism by which Debconf would suffer from this.

...not to say to just let stuff happen, but I'd say that a friendly reminder could go further here than one OS protagonist attacking a large part of the OS community.

@Mr_Teatime @aral oh yeah we should be friendly and cordial to corrupt cops too

@twome @aral
Sure, and also be nice to murderers and stuff. Like, when somebody attacks you with a knife, you should say thank you when they only stab you in the stomach instead of cutting the jugular.

I'm sure that's exactly how I meant this.

@Mr_Teatime @aral your sentiment was garbage. fuck those complicit in surveillance capitalism

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