@aral this is cool! thanks for this. i learned a lot :)

just a quick note: typo on this page (Achieve -> Archive): 4042302.org/why/

@datn Thanks + happy to hear it :) (And just fixed the typo; appreciate the heads up!) :)

@aral wow geocities? do you have long gray beard and use "thou art" in everyday speech too?

@aral Don't see the value of it.

What are you redirecting to? Just to the home page?

Or is the intentation to redirect to a "search page", where the not found path is entered…?

@aral seriously amazing because I've been trying out multiple different blogging platforms for a while. and I've never really bothered to think about how to integrate them together in some meaningful way so that we don't lose any historical items. This idea is so good and so clean and so simple that I'm astounded that someone hasn't thought of this before. That's no knock on your idea oh, it's actually the highest type of compliment - 1/2

@aral when does something sounds easy and obvious it's typically because it was deviously difficult to sort things out. Thanks for doing it for everyone! - 2/2

@K_REY_C I couldn’t see it any other way; thank you :)


Just how does one restore a page from 1997?

Love the idea.

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