Indie Web Server 7.1.0: Launch a live secure static site with a single command

I am really excited about this one. To launch a secure, live static site run this on any VPS that has a domain name pointing to it and Node.js installed:

npm i -g && web-server --live

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@aral This is really cool. Do you know if that will play nice with having another node app running with pm2 already? My web game uses it for server management, but I need something to host the static front-end.

@ultimape Thanks :) About conflicts, hmm, I don’t know… it’s outside the scope for this but I’d love to find out. Please let me know if you try it and I’ll test if I get the chance too.

How are you serving your web game, by the way? You can also use Indie Web Server programmatically… although I haven’t had a chance to consider seamless pm2 integration for dynamic apps yet. It is on my todo list though.

@aral I wrote a minimal https server using node primitives. Express.js was way too heavy weight at the time when all I needed to do was serve up some js resources and a page to render the canvas element on. But I now want to have more than just the game page itself, what you've got here looks quite convenient.

Using it programmatically might be the way to go. Would be the place to start?

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