Had been looking for a very simple notes app on Linux for a while and just discovered FromScratch via GNOME Software. Love it!

(PS. The way to-do list items (checkboxes) are handled is just pure joy: Ctrl+/ transforms your line to an unchecked checkbox. Press it again and it gets checked. Beautiful.)

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@aral damn, I really wanted to replace Zim as a note app.

@aral there is also Quilter (if Electron is too heavy for your machine):

Although, these days I use VIM with the VimWiki plugin. ❤️

@oz Thanks, will have a look; appreciate it :)

@aral Looks great :-) I use markdown or asciidoc files contained in tomb file ( for #privacy )

Considering how "fromscratch" works you might want to use tomb as well

@aral You are welcome! It works on LUKS and it's just a bash script (no real need to install, just match requisites). Super tested. I've been using it for years and it's one of the fundation or my RISKS workflow

@aral I had been checking a lot of these and my favourite turned out to be QOwnNotes. Especially the way it organizes and stores notes (no database, just folders and markdown files). Works great with SparkleShare or Nextcloud.

@fusilli Will have a look; thank you for the suggestion :)

@aral have you ever tried orgmode (emacs) ?
Best app ever ! (but needs a bit of practising)


Is it in debian packages?
I can't find it in Mint...


Interesting. Last time I used Linux on the desktop for any length of time the thing that I missed most from the Mac was a good note-taking, note-book type of app.

It was weird because there's such a large number of good ones on Mac OS and such a dearth of them in FOSS-land.

@aral Looks good. I use note taking apps but live off my "scratch.txt" during the day - and FromScratch is nice and unobtrusive.

@aral I bounce around among note systems a lot (which causes so much workflow disruption!) but I've been returning to Zim for awhile.

Zim's not minimal but it has some attributes I value highly:

+tight capture/view feedback loop (via wysiwyg) vs something like MD and a static site compiler
+SingleActiveWindow (avoids tab proliferation)
+ Export to HTML (eg
+GTK3 now, so I can use it with Broadway on my phone etc (theoretically, just now testing)
+Doesn't encourage me to write code for personal tasks, which can quickly turn into a recursive deadlock

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