So our team just flipped a ~ 28% agree / 72% disagree initial vote to a 52% agree / 48% disagree vote after our presentations and debate at the Straits Times Educational Forum in Singapore on the motion “Entrepreneurs today do more harm than good.”

Gives me hope to see that change is possible once people actually get to hear diverse viewpoints. Here’s hoping we can follow-through with The Straits Times and Singapore Management University to implement some of the alternatives that we discussed.

@erbenpeter There will be. It was recorded. Will toot about it when it’s available and/or when I’ve stripped the tracking from it and released it myself :)

@aral This might be the same argument you're making, but:

I think there's a dangerous 'worship' of entrepreneurship, as though the only problem with the markets and the economy is that businesses are too big, and that anyone who runs a small business is automatically a hero and deserving of subsidies.

I don't like monopolies, but not all small businesses are good either, and as far as I am aware every business wants to become big.

@aral "Small business" or "Small business owner" has become one of those buzzwords that politicians use to evoke a feeling of coziness and safety and "things are gonna stay the same".

Like "farmers". Everything a farmer does is good. Support farms. Support American dairy.

Nevermind that nearly all animal products come from factory farms, who are crowding out the "little old grandpa" farmers, because it's a race to the bottom.

Shit, nobody wants small business farms. McDonald's would vanish.

one more thought, this has gotten long 

one more thought, this has gotten long 

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