Six days after my live demo blew up in my face in Singapore and six days of banging my head on a wall later, the standalone executable* of Indie Web Server just served its first page as a launch daemon.

I’ll probably release the Linux version first for testing sometime this weekend/next week.

* i.e., Node.js not required.

Having said that, now preparing for another rewrite to remove pm2 and handle the restarts manually.

pm2 is overkill for this.

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@gaffen Yep.

I was initially enticed by the pm2 minitor, I think :)

@aral Yeah, the PM2 interface is nice and pretty - I definitely get the appeal!

I do think there's something satisfying about defining your own service unit though. Nice and clean!

@aral God pm2 is still a thing?

Honestly, as a sysadmin, I would recommand havind a "no_self_restart" flag in the config.

Have the init system or any serious process supervisor handle restarts in production.

@al Yeah, I’m going to use systemd directly.

@aral Well, don't make systemd mandatory either : freedom of init matters ;)

@al It’s free and open, unlimited freedom awaits at the end of the fork button ;)

@aral Well, right, but I'll be honest with you, I don't see yet the purpose of that peer to peer JS software you work on. Could you remind me in an Explain Me Like I'm Five manner?

@aral Mmk so you build a decentralised web with multiple owners of a peculiar type of database? Like BeakerBrowser plus a PouchDb, in a way?

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