Introducing Indie Web Server 8.0.0: install the server and start serving a secure static personal web site in literally seconds

Video demo + short post:

I hope it makes your lives easier. This is one of the earlier pieces of the puzzle in the Hypha project.

(It took two weeks and a couple of false starts but Version 8.0.0 introduces native binaries for Linux and macOS. Production use via startup daemons is supported only on Linux platforms with systemd.)

@aral This is just lovely! Thank you for making this!


@K_REY_C You’re very welcome. Please do let me know how you get on with it if you use it :)

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@aral Just tried it out -- ran into a snag (which is acceptable as a limitation, but I'm sharing anyway as there may be others) -- i'm running on a shared hosting plan (so no root access). I've gotten around this for some things by doing a virtual environment in python. Anyway to get around this with indie web server?

thanks again for the tool!

@K_REY_C Thanks for the feedback, Kyle. Sadly, that is a limitation; I don’t see support for shared hosting being compatible with the vision I have for Hypha (which Indie Web Server is an early component of). The production use case is limited to VPS and above.

Thanks again for your feedback. As you said, there might be others so at the very least I should document that better :)

@aral really appreciate the response and honestly just wanted to know if there was even a way for a work-around there. Documentation would be helpful so I thought I'd send it your way. At any rate, I might spin up on a VPS! Is there any hosting you might recommend that's reasonably priced?

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