Just switched my personal web site from nginx to Indie Web Server.

Took a few seconds.

What’s Indie Web Server? Check out a two-minute introductory video here:

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Also, as Indie Web Server natively supports the 404→302 method for an evergreen web, all I had to do was create a file called 4042302 with the domain the previous version of the site is on ( and all old links still work. e.g.,

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Nice :blob_finger_guns:
Now that I listen I can really hear the rubber.
Like a giant wearing those super thick doc martens

@yams_gamgee I absolutely love this keyboard (it’s a Topre Realforce). It does tire my hands a bit sometimes but it’s a good tiredness ;)

@aral I would add the recommendation to use npm when node is already installed, because otherwise people download node packaged with the web server again 😉

@jlelse It’s a good suggestion but I’m not sure as it would violate the consistency of that action (if I pressed a button and a light went green the first few times but then it went blue, I’d be surprised/confused) and the npm install takes far longer. The zipped download size, on the other hand, especially on a server, takes an eye blink.

@aral No. That’s the message I got after running the .sh

@w3bk3rn3l Odd. Will have a look. Off the top of my head, I wonder if sudo is failing. Thanks again.

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