So Pop!_OS 19.04 drops icons for third-party applications and suddenly my experience is an inconsistent mess of crappy icons. They had the right idea earlier. The #1 problem with desktop Linux today isn’t missing features or performance or anything like that, it’s consistency.

@aral There may be actual brand politics items at play here, too. Some third-party applications don't play nice of you start playing around with their appearance or brand symobols.


@K0nrad Great – let them sue a FOSS project. While they’re at it, they can take a full-page ad in the NYT proclaiming “we’re the bad guys”. PR disaster.

Before it got to that, they’d design a version of their logo that they’re happy with and contribute it. If the OS stated that it was a requirement.

@aral I'm not sure I agree with your argument, and that has to do with the way a brand has to defend their legal trademarks in order to keep them existing.

Also, they wouldn't sue a project. They'd have to have a legal entity to sue; in doubt, the developer personally.

The question about contributing is: what's the minimum size of a project to actually invest in?

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