@aral The way to fix the regression is for System76 to adopt GNOME guidelines for their apps. If they want to use the GNOME platform I think it's a fair ask.

@brainblasted @aral I think it's fair to override icons to match other GNOME icons if upstream is unwilling to do it

@charlag @brainblasted @aral except upstream was never asked in the first place. I'm sure people behind there those apps would be more than willing to accept a better icon.

@aral @aral Hmm for me

`git clone --single-branch master_cosmic github.com/pop-os/icon-theme.g

throws this error: "fatal: repository 'master_cosmic' does not exist".

Moving the argument to the end worked for me however:

`git clone github.com/pop-os/icon-theme.g --branch master_cosmic`.

Thanks for the blog post! Nice to have the old icons back.

@andreas Ah, fuck, left the wrong command in the post, sorry. Will fix when I’m at my computer. Thank you for the heads up and apologies for the inconvenience.

@aral while I totally agree with you comment about the "icon vomit soup" you are presented with after installing Pop!_OS 19.04 I also think it is worth giving a thought to the reasoning behind this decision.
Especially as I think the driver behind it is actually consistency. Reading the release notes system76 realized that the consistency efforts need to be driven by the developers of the desktop environment. Distributions (or 3rd party apps to some degree) have to follow design guidelines.

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