If you want to understand why I’m so pissed off about such a “minor” thing (icons, pfft!) it’s because this year I will be showing my Linux desktop to 1000s of people at conferences and I want to challenge their preconceptions about FOSS; to know that FOSS can be beautiful.


Microsoft and Apple doesn't overwrite any icon in their operating systems, and still the ecosystem feels *mostly* consistent. The consistency problems of those OSes and Linux's aren't the icons.

Pop_OS removing the custom icons seems like the right choice. Apps should have a decent icon independently (as every app should provide a decent UI/UX for the purpose). If the app doesn't have a decent icon, it's the app's problem. Fix it in the app, make a pull request with a better icon.

The solution of custom icons, also, doesn't scale well. It's better to have each icon with its own style, that all the icons with the same style... In a distro that doesn't fit in that style. Is having to re-design every app for every distro the right decision? I don't think so.

@sirikon Try and get an app that isn’t consistent with Apple’s HIG onto the iOS or macOS App Stores. Also, on those platforms, since consistency is the norm, people would reject an inconsistent app even if Apple allowed it (or if it was distributed outside the store). It’s a matter of pride on those platforms for your icon to be consistent. On Linux, the norm – currently – is inconsistency.

@aral I agree on that. The norm should change to consistency, but the distro providing icons for the third party applications doesn't seem the way to go for me

@aral @sirikon tbh, i have a feeling that they all are moving towards inconsistency, with microsoft being the worst. say thanks to electron, etc.

@leip4Ier @aral

Microsoft is being highly inconsistent with their own applications. Just see the icons of VSCode, Visual Studio and the Office Suite. And all that compared with how SharePoint or Bing looks like.

How is electron affecting here?

@sirikon @aral electron is just one of the offenders. electron apps are based on a built-in browser, so it's impossible for them to use system UI widgets, and they don't even usually try to mimic them.

@leip4Ier @aral Ok, thought that it was something about the icons, but yea, agree.
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