@aral The downside of them changing policy and adopting the Gnome style guidelines and the guideline especially to not change applications' icons.

I'll try not to be too smug as a KDE guy ;)

@keithzg @aral can't hear you over the sound of how awesome xfce is ;)

seriously though, icon packs are a good thing. maybe you want a standard for upstream, but downstrream can and should be able to do whatever they want. i'm quite partial to using the Materia theme with Faenza Darkest icons. I do wish Token had more app coverage, though.

@trwnh @keithzg I want a standard for sidestream. People who buy Macs really love sidestream. I mean, they also love quantumstream iconophagic reconnaissance droidery but mostly they’re into sidesteam quadrophonics. I guess that explains why people use Macs and not Linux on desktop. 🤷‍♂️


@trwnh @keithzg My point exactly. No one who uses an OS gives a crap about upstream or downstream. They don’t care about who’s to blame. They only care about whether it is easy to use, beautiful, and consistent. Otherwise, you might as well be talking gobbledegook ;)

@aral @keithzg I mean, communication is also important, right? I tried searching for "sidestream" and "quantumstream" because I thought they were codenames for something. No results.

Really, all I'm here to say is "let people use whatever icons they want", yknow. The only thing I mean by "downstream" is "everyone who isn't the maker of the app". That includes both distros and end users. End users can, of course, put in the work to theme everything, but distros should be doing that too.

@trwnh hey, he's just trolling

(reg "quantumstream" etc.)

Just laugh, no offense… 😆

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