Me: *looks at time on boarding pass* *looks at screens at airport* *sees flight to Hamburg at time in card* *goes to that terminal*

Security: you’re at the wrong terminal

Me: ???

Later, me: Oh, the boarding pass has gate close time and the screens have flight departure times and you’re left to convert pounds into kilograms to successfully complete the recipe (and there was a flight to my destination set for my gate close time at another terminal).

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@aral instead of closing times on gates, they should use more human readable information, in colors, from white/green to red in increasing order of urgency:
- don't even
- free seats next to gate
- someone's on the desk
- long queue of people standing
- last person in sight
- everyone else's waiting in the bus
- srsly, run
- thanks a lot, we lost our place in the queue
- f*ck you
- last call for passengers flight ....


Last time I traveled by plane, 2 previous planes to my destination where delayed, and my plane was also delayed.

Each arriving plane would go back to this destination, so as you imagine, the 1st plane which landed went back with the 2nd group, the 2nd plane went back with us, and the 1st group who was waited the longest time had to wait for the 3rd plane.

All flight times where screwed. All planes where to the same destination. Everybody was kind.

Only the flight number makes sense.

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