Here’s a bootleg recording* of my talk from Europacamp in Hamburg last week:

Shot on a mobile phone thanks to Mirjam Buettner’s tireless arms.

* The organisers of Europacamp thought only Yanis’s appearance and Lessig’s talk were worth having professionally recorded, not the other keynotes.

Oh, and PS. Don’t put an image of your browser into a slide if you’re transitioning back from your browser to your slides unless you want to confuse the crap out of yourself like I did at the end. Live and learn 🤷‍♂️

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@aral Awesome thanks.

Have you seen/heard the new Facebook moto: "The Future is Private" ? I nearly fell out my chair out of laughter. (from a summary vid of the F8 event)

Apparently they are now the privacy-focussed FB. I guess we can all go home now.

@aral I'm 12 minutes in and this Softbank you talk about has given me a very sobering shudder.

@aral Please tell me you can get stickers made of the cloud vomitting on the unicorn. 🙏

@david Haha, happy to provide the graphics if you want to try. They’re two pieces of royalty free illustrations from Gravit Designer’s library combined :)

@aral I think this is your best talk yet. It both doesn't pull any punches in terms of describing the dubious backgrounds of current and past information companies and it also gives practical demos and advocates for a better future.

Often similar talks only dwell on the negatives but don't provide any positive vision.

@bob Thanks, Bob. Means a lot coming from you. Appreciate it. Good to know I’m on the right track :)

@Aral Balkan Great talk, I'll pass it on to some friends! And thanks for sharing the barfing cloud/unicorn pic :)

@harald Thanks :) And sure, anytime you need a barfing cloud, you know where to turn :)

@aral It was quite painful to download this video from vimeo using youtube-dl. Took me like 10 attempts to fully download it.

Created a BitTorrent seed (673.5 MB) so that others don't have to go through it.

Here's the magnet link. You can paste it into your torrent client. Seeding from a server.


@njoseph Thank you for your work and apologies for the hassle. I’ve already asked them to make the video available for download.

I tried to remind Daniel Opper about his whish at the end of "using some of the cool stuff Aral showed us", but response is ... not enthusiastic

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