I was just on Al Jazeera news to give my thoughts on @EmmanuelMacron meeting Mark Zuckerberg, how we should be regulating surveillance capitalists, and the ethical alternatives we’re not even talking about.

Rewind the live feed a few minutes to watch it:

Nice! Thanks for mentioning federated options, even if the main conversation isn't there yet. It'll soak in one day I hope.

@Matt_Noyes I found it on the youtube live feed, where I was able to rewind further than on the Al Jazeera site.

@cameron @aral

Thanks! Funny how they cut you off just when you started to get going on the alternatives... ;-)

@Matt_Noyes @cameron Oh, I didn’t feel like they did. You only have a few minutes in these segments :)

@aral @cameron I didn't mean that they were censoring you, just that you were getting into interesting stuff. Great that you are doing this.

@Matt_Noyes @cameron Ah, yeah. I’m sometimes on one of their longer programmes, Inside Story – usually get to go into things in more depth there. But, hey, TV… land of the sound bite :)

@aral is there a link that isn't from the live feed?

@nx Afaik, no. Didn’t have time to rip it. Might repeat today/tomorrow (24 hr news cycle). Will try and see if I can spot it tomorrow.

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