Anyone else sometimes have images from other people not loading in their Mastodon (sometimes you can see the thumbnails, other times they’re also just black)?

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@aral @mastohost no issue here. But for me Mastodon was down last night. Maybe related.

@Knigge @mastohost You mean your instance was down, I take it; Mastodon is very difficult to bring down ;)

@aral Nop, first time I get any report. When they are in black is because of the size limit of Mastodon, I know that is the way a huge image in bytes will become black.

@mastohost Hmm, odd. Happens only nearly every account I’ve tried. Using the web interface. Will try and narrow it down.

@aral @mastohost I see that sometimes, but it's usually connected to my WiFi being flaky.

@tsturm @aral @mastohost I have it sometimes on tusky or fedilab. Never when I use the website

@tsturm @aral @mastohost I do have this sometimes, usually from other masto instances or pixelfeds. Sometimes it shows as a link which works if clicked.

@aral @mastohost On other platforms, perhaps? Yes, in that case, but on the other end, Diaspora, for example.

@aral @mastohost I had some problems with that but it turned out the client I was using on my mobile phone was the culprit. I switched to the Toot! App and all is fine now.

@aral @mastohost I often have images not load at work due to web filters. Thank goodness that including image descriptions is the expected norm.

@aral I didn't notice any image fails but it could be OVH Object Storage having an issue.

Please, let me know if it repeats.

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