Bhavani Esapathi ( is my friend and a dear, wonderful person who has been battling autoimmune disease for as long as I’ve known her and doing so while helping others. Now the Tories want to hand her a death sentence and deport her. We cannot let this happen.

Read about her ordeal:

Sign/support this petition and help save her life:

Tell your friends, call your elected representatives, make some noise.

The petition has shot past 75,000 signatures now. Please lend your voice if you can.

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@aral done. Have you set up a government petition as well? 100,000 and it has to be debated.

@blankideogram They haven’t and I’m hesitant to split the effort. Even at 100,000 it’s not guaranteed to be debated but a committee decides if it should be. Not all are, sadly.

@aral jfc that is unbelievable. As someone with a chronic illness, this makes me so angry!

@aral Done... sending my love and best wishes 💕

@aral done! best wishes from here at my basement ✨ 💕


Hope that is has more effect than the last petition I signed ...

Also, the Home Office is an asshole. It's like they read Orwell, then Kafka, then thought "cool ideas, let's put them into practice!"

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