Just recorded a short video to be included on an interactive map of technology initiatives for sustainable development. Mind you, I’ve little faith in the UN – everyone I’ve spoken to from there sounds like a mini Eric Schmidt. Very neoliberal…

(And while they’re quick to praise our initiatives, do we get any funding or support from them? Nope! Why did I record this again…?) 🤔

So, anyway: “The result will be displayed in a stand for the event Imperdible 04: Planeta … organized by Cotec in Madrid on June 7. People at the event will digitally interact with the map discovering stories like yours, changing the system, in different parts of the world.”

@aral Interesting. Meanwhile, most of the people I know who you'd probably call neoliberal think that the UN is full of communists.

@stevefoerster I wouldn’t call the people who call the UN communists neoliberal, I would call them conservatives and the far right.

My experience is that many people (including myself) need lots of time to accept any new idea as valid, and even longer to embrace it, especially if it contradicts what they're hearing otherwise.

Almost nobody will change their mind on first or second contact with such an idea.

...but also: The German constitution was written by old conservative men, and it's saved us (Germans) from many a crazy surveillance scheme.

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