Have you heard about Silicon Valley’s unpaid research and development department? It’s called the EU.

Who should you thank for Facebook’s Libra?

• “One of the UK’s leading privacy researchers”
• University College London
• The DECODE project

And, if you’re an EU citizen who pays their taxes,

• You.

Surprised? Don’t be.

@aral imagine if the EU had the proper legal conditions to build successful tech companies

@aral (btw, what you're proposing with not-for-profits is actually the same as a for-profit company that isn't capable of requesting money from VCs... sounds like that should be what we're going for, since not-for-profits have more legal restrictions)

@aral but also Nesta, Waag, Nexa, City of Amsterdam and Barcelona, dyne, Thoughtworks, Thingful, Pilab, eurecat and cnrs.

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