Just finished Journey. What an amazing game. Had heard so much about it; lovely to finally experience it. And apparently Robin Hunicke worked on it. Met her ages ago and remember finding her hugely inspiring.

@aral I need to go back and finish this!! the atmosphere and art direction is amazing. It sounds stupid but I was stuck on an early puzzle and i guess I probably got distracted and gave up. that was like 5 years ago... 👀

@aral It's an interesting game to go back and replay, and try to help newbies along. Hopefully you had a good companion on yours.

@mdhughes I actually didn’t really grok what the companions thing was. I thought they were NPC guides in the more challenging bits. Only realised at the end that I’d met about six people and played bits of it alongside them :)

@aral They nerfed interactions to the point where you can't grief or annoy anyone, but you can get a really good companion who goes with you all the way up, and it's fantastic. Helping lure away the dragon in the cave or the bone shelters, and keep each other warm at the end.

Journey is one of my favorites. That last sequence is an absolute joy.

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