I’ll be live on @AJEnglish news from Cork at around 14:25 Irish/British time today to talk about FaceApp and ask why it takes the Russians or Chinese to be involved before we take the threat of surveillance capitalism seriously.

You can watch live from:

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Looks like it’s going to be more 14:45-ish

in ~5 mins; they should be calling anytime now.

@aral "Surveillance capitalism"

"Blocking Gab"

Jesus Christ, pick one. Don't you see you are part of the problem by blocking the first social network that is joining the Fediverse to avoid censorship?

Sorry, you are not smart enough for this fight.

@alexl Thanks, Alex. Sadly, it’s true, I’m not smart enough to see how opposing surveillance capitalism means that I should be embracing the extreme right.

Good thing we have geniuses like you on the case.


extreme right? Do you know what a fake news is? Do you know a fake news spread because nobody does fact checking?

But you are very smart, you for sure have an account on Gab you used to check if that is a social network dedicated to "extreme right".

Send me the address of your Gab account please, or shut up so you won't spread fake news.

@rmb222 You can still watch it if you rewind their YouTube feed ~ 2hr:07m (sadly, YouTube)

@aral great thanks even if its youtube ;)
Thats what i get for missing it ^^

@aral missed this but is there a way to still view it?

@ckipp You can still watch it if you rewind their YouTube feed ~ 2hr:07m (sadly, YouTube)

@aral funny if you click that link you’re first asked to consent to all their cookies 🍪

@aral well, unfortunately this isn’t the first time I’m “enjoying” surveillance capitalism 😜

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