One of the things I‘ve recently begun to appreciate is how, when I enter an event in GNOME Calendar, it moves to the day before. This gives me no end of delight. The workaround is to drag and drop it to the day you want. When you edit it again, it jumps back to the wrong date. How many of you have calendar apps that are also casual games?

@aral I know enough about computers to use a paper calendar instead.

@aral This doesn't imply you don't but we all know you are an idealist.


@ekaitz_zarraga I’m not an idealist; I’m just a realist with imagination ;)

@aral Do you use a place to synchronize the calendar to? Had this game going on with my central calendar due to some timezone issues on the server side .-.

@sheogorath Yep, it synchorises with iCloud via iCal. Time zone/time handling issues are likely the culprit as you say, GNOME doesn’t do timezones well at the moment.

@sheogorath Since I have i-devices also (my daily driver was a Mac until a year ago), I use iCloud:

I'm looking for a private calendar app too ... I know @Tutanota made one but I would like a self hosted one. If someone knows a good one pp.

@aral it’s probably done to confuse surveillance capitalist trackers - that way they never know where you are or should be, because even you are clueless!

@aral I use KOrganizer and it mostly works like a charm. Except for the categories of tasks. There are problems filtering tasks using categories and setting them from the list view of tasks.

@aral using zimbra (& davX5 for android), no problem :)


That is super horseshit! But upon further reflection, I realized there is NO app that is NEVER also a casual game!

Really, Aral, this is value adding. Bless all those willing to entertain us with trying to figure out how to work around the interface! 😇

(development is the real fuck)

I'm using with and i'm pretty happy with it. I'm usually not in many different timezones though.

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