Your print job is processing… unless you go to advanced settings and select your printer, in which case you might be able to see that it cannot be found.

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Haha, in the time it took me to write that toot, it seems the printer was located and it printed.

So, to print on my Linux machine right now, the steps are:

1. Print document
2. Wait… get fed up waiting
3. Write a toot about it
4. Boom! Printout :)

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@aral I'm sorry Sir but I can't help but say, that's some magical thinking right them there.

*takes another sip of whisky at the saloon*

@aral Try printing on a mac or even worse, installing printer drivers on a mac, and it may lower your expectations.

@KnowPresent Have never had an issue in > 10 years printing from a Mac or from iOS. Nothing’s perfect but that’s been my experience.

@aral Consider yourself lucky. In my years as a primary and now secondary mac user there have been all kinds of printing headaches. Lately, my students have issues where network printers disappear or go into cryptic pause modes. Sometimes the only solution is to delete and reinstall the printer. Recent OSX versions have also taken to hiding most of the settings. And throw in 1GB driver downloads.

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