Bought a new computer… rather excited to see how well it performs.

@aral I need to get that fan. The Pi 4 is... not good without it.

@aral Can you give the ref of the fan please? I need one for my rpi4 🙂

@vincib Ah non, c’est juste que je bloquais un truc avec uMatrix 🙂

@aral Can't wait to have your feedback about it!
What are you going to use it for?

@skynebula Want to see how it performs in various situations. And will be testing what I’m building on it also.

@aral any specific plans with it or just curious how the latest Raspberrys perform?

@dense_design I’m always testing the stuff we’re building on different devices and trying to understand what’s possible ;)

@aral What are you planning on doing with the Raspberry Pi 4? Are you intending to use it as a desktop or server?

(It's _supposed to_ be able to run GNOME and a normal web browser at normal desktop speeds now, apparently! It's exciting to have such a little, cheap computer.)

@garrett That’s one of the things I want to test. Going to try it in a number of scenarios – just trying to understand what’s possible on the low-end (definitely feels different to the 3)

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