On our way to Dublin to greet my parents. Been years since I’ve seen them given I can’t go to Turkey (because I’ve publicly criticised president Erdoğan and thus face arrest if I go) and because they have to go through ridiculous bureaucracy to come to the EU.

@aral do they have to go it because you critised erdogan? Or is in all Turkish people have to go thru?

@aral These people know how to zigzag, they're pros! :D

Happy for you, hugs from a guy who can see his parents whenever he wants.

@aral "What kind of music do you make?"

"Ist dub"

@aral sorry for that. i wish Turkey will back to the old good days for everyone. I and my team work for that. for science, for freedom, for full of empathy, for justice...

our way is too long.our excitement is high. we have a youthfullness. :)

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