Very odd: has anyone ever come across a web font that renders perfectly fine in browsers on Linux and macOS but where the glyphs are corrupted in every browser on Windows? Never seen anything like this before.

PS. Chatting to the designer now – might be a font foundry conversion issue. I’ve ruled out a couple of other things. Will update once we’ve tracked it down.

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Quick update: the lovely designer sent me WOFF2 exports she made from her OTF files and they work perfectly. So the issue is with FontSpring’s WOFF2 export. Will update with the name of the designer, the font, and links to it (it’s beautiful) once I hear that FontSpring have fixed the issue.

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@aral woah! I've seen the occasional kerning bug on Windows but _this_ is different

@jalcine Yeah. And the same font displays perfectly well on Linux and macOS.

Shot in the dark, I haven't used windows in a long time, but if I remember correctly then Firefox uses DirectWrite for text rendering on Windows which might explain this.
There should be a setting in about:config to disable it for verification.
You'll have to look the specifics up yourself I'm afraid, life is too short to remember windows specific configuration options ;)

@ck Thanks – alas, it’s the same on Edge, etc. also.

@aral Wow! I’m trying to remember if Mac OS still uses libfreetype for rendering. It might just be a font that is off-spec juuust enough to bother Windows’ renderer but not Freetype. Never seen that kind of glitch before myself and I use primarily Windows at work.

@futzle Thanks, Deborah, it is rather odd! Will get to the bottom of it eventually. I noticed that it works fine on FontSpring (where we bought it from) on Windows so it must be something we’re doing/have done on our end… I have a hunch it might be a mime-type issue perhaps…

@aral If this were the 1990s I’d ask you to check if you set binary mode before you FTPd the file over. 🙂

@futzle Haha, I remember those days (and being bitten by that). Ah, I don’t miss the good ’ol days (well, apart from the lack of online surveillance, that is).

@aral oh my this is delightful from an outsider's perspective. No, I haven't seen that before. It looks like SVG shapes that aren't rendering correctly.

@aral I'm curious to know what's the font called. Where can I get it?

I'd like to use it taunt Windows users 😹

@aral yea that definitely looks like a weird vector export thing. I've seen this happen on SVGs when exporting shapes with a border on a non-closed path.

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