So after 25 years behind the wheel and 2 driver’s licenses, I’m going in for my driver’s test today so I can keep driving in Ireland (after legally driving for a year) because the world does not run on logic and nation states and borders suck… wish me luck ;)

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Passed :) 🎉

So that’s three licenses now!

@aral don't forget the envelope of cash under the passenger seat... for good luck 😉​

@aral well, logic is not necessarily an objective thing ;)
I for one think it's illogical that drivers licenses are issued as lifetime permits that stay valid even in cases where people are not / no longer capable of driving safely, relying on the alertness of other participants for safety of everyone involed.
If a gouvernment like the Irish makes people retake driving tests, I think it's a good thing, regardless of the reason.
Anyways, good luck to you :)

@ck By all means, they should have a review. What’s illogical is you can drive for your first year (when you know the least about the place, local customs, etc.) no questions asked and then you can’t. Until this Jan, you were treated exactly as someone who had never driven at that point. Now at least you don’t have to wait 6 months on an L plate and take 12 lessons (it’s 6).

@aral Keep the pedal to the metal! :D Good luck!

@aral congratulations! (I've only had to do this once, but that was difficult and nerve wracking enough!)

> So that’s three licenses now!

Let me guess:
* driving licence
* dog licence
* licence to kill

@aral Someone buy a Porsche to this man with so many driver licenses! 😎

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