Site.js 12.5.0 release: adds macOS Catalina support

(Site.js enables you to develop, test, and deploy your secure static or dynamic personal web site with zero configuration.)

@aral That’s fantastic! I checked the site, the demo was neat. Good job!

Also, I just saw that your became That’s exciting. I’m a big fan of how you present your mission and how transparent you are about your funding. It's inspiring and encouraging for my own path as a bootstrapper :) Thank you, also to @laura

@aral @laura

And… I noticed when watching your talks at ThinkAbout! in Cologne, Germany in May 2019 you said that @Gargron is a French guy, he’s German as far as I know ;)


@naii @laura @Gargron Yeah, I messed that one up: need to add a note to the page or something. For some reason when I spoke with Eugen on the phone, I just assumed he was French (shows you how much I suck at accents) and then took that as a fact :) 🤦‍♂️

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@aral @laura @Gargron

haha no worries, your guess was close and well… you have a certain French bias right :P (and we’re brothers and sisters anyway… screw borders and nations ^^)

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