Got a DM about the terminal in my Site.js Windows 10 toot. Sharing my response here in case it helps anyone else:

It’s PowerShell running under Windows Terminal ( with the "One Half Dark" color scheme and a black background.

To set it, press Ctrl+, to open profiles.json in Notepad, then, under the Powershell section, add:

// Make changes here to the powershell.exe prrofile

"background": "#000"
"colorScheme": "One Half Dark"

@aral Gotta say, this is pretty awesome (not the terminal but the server running in Windows). I'll admit, I had an issue getting it to run last week but... that's probably my computer. Still awesome stuff. Looking at it as a replacement for Nginx on a few sites.

@chris Neat! Please let me know if you encounter any issues :)

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