Site.js v12.7.0 release

Now with elegant support for WebSocket broadcasts with “room” functionality.

Here’s a basic chat server. In .dynamic/.wss/chat.js:

module.exports = function (client, request) { = this.setRoom(request)
client.on('message', message => this.broadcast(client, message))

(That does basic client filtering to ensure a message is only sent to the same room & not to the original sender.)

Install with a single command and have a play :)


I want some more time to look into Site.js.

Right now I'm doing an Icecast/liquidsoap streaming radio deploy. I've been on but I'm moving my MixRemix station in house.

@hairylarry Do let me know your thoughts once you get a chance. I’m going to release a new tutorial this week. Will toot about it when I do :)

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