Omfg my email inbox is full of “new hashtag up for review” messages. How do I make it stop while keeping trending hashtags if I want to accept them without reviewing them?

CC @mastohost

@aral Not a feature yet.

When I recall correct there was this question towards @Gargron already.


@aral I don't think that's possible. The only option you have is to either turn off trending hashtags or turn the emails notifications for hashtags off (but that will leave the hashtags pending and those will not be displayed in the "trending now" section).

@mastohost Right, no trending hashtags for me then as Mastodon is not my full-time job ;)

CC @Gargron

@aral Just wanted that I finished installing v3.0.1 on and now you have an admin setting to auto-approve trending hashtags:

Thanks, @Gargron

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