Tutorial: Build a simple chat app with Site.js

I want to take you step-by-step through building and running a basic chat app using Site.js. It’s much easier than you think, so fire up a terminal window, grab your code editor, and let’s get started!

@kensanata Thanks, Alex :) Please do let me know if you have thoughts for improvements (for the tutorial and for Site.js in general). I do have a lengthy todo list but would love to hear your opinions :)

@aral the first thing I did was look at the install script, then look at the archive and wondered about the binary. It would be great if the tutorial somehow said: if you’re not ready to modify your system, here’s how to run it on port 8080 (still with https).
My little blogpost:

@kensanata Hey Alex, thanks for looking through it. Re: trusting the binary, you don’t have to. With Node.js installed:

1. Clone repo
2. ./install
3. Review the source code to ensure I haven’t haxored your system
4. npm run install-locally

That’ll compile the binary from source and install it.

Or just run bin/site.js instead of the site binary.

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